Friday, September 22, 2006

Coup Shmoo - Pass the Pad Thai!

You've heard about the military coup that took place here, I'm sure. Don't fear for me (it was actually my idea). Seriously though, I went to see the action on the government buildings strip of Bangkok, and the Thai people are very supportive, as they were applauding all of the military vehicles leaving the prime minister's office. I saw an old woman handing a soldier a rose, and it was quite touching.

The Thai people have a prime minister to handle government business, but they also have a king and queen. Their highnesses are revered by the people as spiritual symbols and are obviously a tie that binds the nation. They are displayed on giant posters larger than billboards, sometimes covering entire apartments or commerce buildings. By my count, at least 1 in 5 people are wearing the same yellow polo t-shirt with the royal crest on the pocket at all times. From where I sit now, I can see a king calendar. 12 months of King Whateverhisnameis - whoopee! (I would be murdered for saying that here - if they could understand me).


Pete said...

Hey Bro - Glad all is well in in the land o thai. Maybe they are ready for the first Canadian minister - you could get your picture on the side of a building too.

roddick said...

pics are realy nice.... and post too..