Saturday, October 14, 2006

South Islands Phuket, Phi Phi and Samui

Well, I'm back in Bangkok after a week in the south islands. I'm not sure if it's because I live in a beach town already, or because I felt like I was on a tourism conveyer belt, but the island experience was generally disappointing. There were some highlights, like a good night club, a couple really nice mornings laying in the sun and swimming in clear, warm water, and hanging out with my buddy Joseph, but there were also long transit times between Bangkok to Phuket to Ko Phi Phi to Krabi to Ko Samui, and the endless and monotonous streets of tailors, girl bars, t-shirt shops and dive centers.

We didn't stay long on each island because there was bad weather on the Andaman sea (west) side islands, and everywhere felt like a tourist trap. We got a nice hotel in Ko Samui though, and the weather was pretty good as long as we got started early, so overall that was a success.

Approaching Ko Phi Phi by ferry from Phuket

Viewpoint on Phi Phi

Old style projected theatre with live band and voices. Didn't quite get the storyline, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Staying here too long made me miss the night ferry to Samui.

Pimped out rollling buddhist temple/monk blessing mobile in Surat Thani. Part of the end of monsoon festival.

Now Joseph has left for the north to Chiang Mai, and since I've already done that, I'm going to meet back up with Jessica (when she emails me back) and go to Cambodia to Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is. Angkor Wat is an ancient city that has been preserved in overgrown jungle for centuries, and was recently rediscovered. We'll have to take a 6 hour bus from Bangkok, then get a visa at the border then another 6 hours by bus and we're there. We'll probably stay for 2-3 days then back to BKK, maybe do some final shopping and then back home!


ookicokku said...

flippin sweet

Chris & Chewy said...

Jonno this sounds like quite the entertain and educating trip! I love the pictures I bet you have 100's more!! Going with nothing but the clothes on your back, I love your style kid!! Who are those buddah necklaces for?? Did I mention how good of a friend you are??

Love ya Undy :p

chalermsri said...

Hi there...
U missed one of the best Island>>Kho Pha-ngan.It's close to Kho Samui, U can catch a boat like 1 and half hours to the island and it is really good one.But u need to ask the local people where to go..i mean,not the famous beaches for tourists..Ask them about where u recommene to me..something like that, U will see something else and u will like it.Next time, dont forget to go to Kho Pha-gnan.OK?
And Phuket, Samui, Phi Phi , there are for tourism right not sure where u should go and see.But i think that there are many places that you would love..have to contact the local people...Ur pictures are great anyway..Love it.

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